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Illustrator, photographer, assistant set designer, multimedia graphic designer, art director and even prop designer for film and theatre, Elena Parisi cannot be said to lack multifaceted experience in the field of art. This has enabled her to assemble within herself a very rich cultural background which results in a strong aptitude for imaginative creation. Through the transformation of the image, in fact, she tries to bring out the various ego components, visually evoking them, thus identifying those hidden parts that lie in the soul of every individual which too often go unheard.

As photography is not an exact copy of reality, but rather an interpretation, Elena Parisi portrays her subjects on a psychic level, exacerbating the feeling that people experience in the moment of its capture. One advantage for her is working with celebrities, especially dancers, who are already in themselves a physicality and an amplified power of expression. An enveloping sensual aura covers the shots with vivid colours that the artist obtains through digital retouching. Losing the chromaticity coordinates belonging to daily view, doors open to unexplored fantastic esoteric worlds where they are granted freedom and abandon.

Elena Parisi, daughter of well-known fashion designer Marcello Parisi, spent many years in the family business designing fabric for high fashion and limited edition accessory lines sold in the most important international stores. After the death of her father in 2000 she began to differentiate her artistic activity, spreading her professional curriculum into other areas of creativity.

In-depth knowledge of digital graphics and 3D have allowed her to mature an original and unique style in the creation of images, a technique applied especially to photography. The final copies are printed on metal, glass and canvas, all materials chosen based on their unique capacity to accentuate the poetic and send an explicit purpose.

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